Why Men Read Twilight


The Twilight Movie Cast
The Twilight Movie Cast

     Why do men read Twilight? Why do men read anything written by Jane Austen? Some use it as a pick up line, some use it as a research project, and others look to it for guidance.  I believe that some men read Twilight because they see aspects of themselves reflected in the characters. I see myself reflected sometimes in certain characters (No, not necessarily Edward). Some like the way he goes about courting Bella Swan (The book’s protagonist) with perfect romanic flair that no guy would ever be able to achieve. Other guys relate themselves to Mike, the human lover who never had a chance. Finally, there are those men who relate to Jacob. Jacob represents the brotherly, awkward lover in every man who despite his best, honest attempts at a relationship is thoroughly rejected by the girl. Men often seem themselves reflected in the character of Jacob because he is also the most feral of the Twilight characters who, like all men at one time or another, lets his hormones control him. We see our personal struggles in the character’s response to the environment around them as someone agonizes what they should say or having to deal with what decision they made. 

     The only problem with the Twilight characters is that the very nature of the novel is fiction, and therefore the characters can do and say stuff normal men cannot. In this way women get an idealistic and often impossible notion of how a man should be. Consequently, some women have expectation set unrealistically high and this is when men become cold towards the Twilight series. Most men avoid romances at all costs anyway, but the added bonus of being compared to this imaginary, ideal man alienates them. I read the novel and see myself reflected, sometimes in parts, in the different characters. Only one of them end up getting Bella Swan, but all of them have their own story to tell. 


3 thoughts on “Why Men Read Twilight

  1. OMG H this is so true.. That bug made me have such high expectations for guys.. but honestly I feel likes could be like edward if they really tried I don’t think its completly impossiable.. In my opinion Edwards personality and ability to Love bella So patienatly is what gets me.. not his looks or the fact that he is a vampire… and honestly H you have some great potential to be your own version of Edward 🙂
    J 🙂

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