The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”-Mark Twain.

Despite not blogging in a while I am alive. As of late I have lived through Twitter (hunthenning) because its much easily to microblog when you are exhausted from a pretty miserable side-job (I appreciated it for the break, but sweeping is not my thing). I’ve decided this week to write a little about myself because I started my blog off by just diving in headfirst.

I am a college student, right now I am technically undecided, but I believe that I am going to major in Computer Information Systems (CIS).

I really, really enjoy all of my friends, but do occasionally do enjoy some alone time.

I prefer plastic, over paper. I’m not really an environment nut. I do like the stability of a plastic bag and its reusable. I prefer that Al Gore cries at night. 

I prefer ninja over pirates. The idea of being a coordinated enough to run up a walk, flip, and kick someone in the face excites me. 

My favorite color probably has to be blue, but I like my electronics black if possible (Ironically enough, my Wii, Xbox 360, & Macbook are actually white)

I enjoy all things technology and I do like tinkering with them.

I am a Mac user, but a defender of most things Microsoft (Save Windows Mobile, that’s awful).

I do enjoy blogging, even if I only sit down and do it once in a blue moon.

I really like Chrysler. Make first car was a 1999 LHS, quickly replaced by a 2001 Sebring. I drool when I see a black 300.

I am Roman Catholic, I like going to Church, and if you have a problem with you can get over it. I love God. I am Pro-Life if anyone cares or is wondering. Life is sacred from conception to death. 

I am 19, in college and never taken a swing of alcohol in my life so far despite the fact that my campus is actually wet. I like being “that kid that doesn’t drink” at parties. 

I am Conservative. Not only because I live in the South or am religious or am a white, middle-class, male; I just don’t agree with the liberal mindset. 

I have trouble expressing myself around others verbally most of time, especially around the opposite sex. 

I use WordPress, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Wakoopa, Friendfeed, Evernote, Google Docs,,, Flikr, Picasa,TWiT, Facebook, AIM, MSN, GOOGLE, Yahoo, & many, many other online social experiences so you’ll probably find me on the internet multiple times. 

For better or worse,  I have a knack for acquiring new nicknames every once and a while: “Hobie”, “Hobie-won”, ‘Hobie-Cat”, “Hobinator”, “Cracker”, “HOBAY!”, etc. I have a lot and will likely get more before I die. 

I like comments on my blog, they are fun and make me feel that people actually read what I write. So please comment 🙂

-Hunt Henning “Hobie”.


2 thoughts on “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

  1. Ah! I feel offended! You did not include my nickname for you, “Hobes”. Shame upon you! 😀 I’m kidding. I lol’d at the Al Gore comment, that was great. Anyways, huzzah for us weird people who never drink but always act drunk! 8D

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