There is new and wonderful thing that I have experienced over the last two months of college and that is receiving a roommate. To be honest I was a little weary of the entire idea because of my experiences with my previous roommate, but I decided to let him move in nevertheless. I really didn’t put any thought into how well we would actually cope together, but I figured that it would come with time.

     My fears, however, were renewed whenever the moving in process began. That day I basically gave him the green light to move in and then went to work. By the time I came back Snoopy (That is what I’m going to call him) had already thrown out a book-bag on the floor. I watched some TV with a friend before dinner and then met everyone at the cafe for some delicious cafe food. Shortly after dinner the madness began, friends from all across campus joined in to help Snoopy move in. Somewhere along the way I had falsely assumed I was going to get that homework done that night, but soon found myself overwhelmed with incoming stuff.

     And come it did. Shoes, CD, printers (2), a laptop, clothes, and everything else the college equivalent of a pack rat possesses (I can say that become I too am a pack-rat) filled the room and the hallway. It took about three hours (More had not so many helped) to move him in and at the end of the ordeal both of us were completely exhausted. I, however, knew everything would work out when Snoopy took three tries to ascend to his newly lofted bed. I was meanwhile laying atop my own bed laughing my butt off. 

     Adjusting to Snoopy was not as difficult as I initially feared because both of us understand how to give eachother some room. We have, however, been spending much more time together to the point that we have begun to finish eachother’s sentences (I guess it’s a roommate thing). It ends up that both of us generally enjoy the same techy thing like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc, with both of us straying to his individual extremes (Snoopy is more into media & I enjoy testing software). For better or worse we do distract each other, but I see this as a good thing because beforehand I would get so wrapped up in homework that I frustrated myself trying to do it. Snoopy has also helped me to lighten up a bit and take a break from work (There have been many games of Super Smash Bros. Brawl). We do pick on each other constantly much to my relief; I much rather he pick on me and vic-versa than us have explosive, vicious fights like some roommates do. 

     Overall, I am happy with my roommate situation. Snoopy has turned out to a much better roommate than I ever expected and we have become good friends. I hope the rest of the semester turns out to be as good as this one has been so far.


2 thoughts on “Roommates

  1. I haz a happee now….so if you happen to have looked over about the time I was reading this and see me smiling, this is probably why. Oh, and sorry about the whole Axe thing last night. I felt really bad, ’cause I realized that Axe doesn’t go away for a while…and that you could potentially be a walking match stick [if someone lit a cigarette around you, you would have been a fireball].

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