Why I hate Linux

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     Linux, the open-source (free), is the operating system that so many technologically orientated individuals profess to the messiah of computer software. Being a lover of most thing that have to do with a computer I have tried the operating system (Ubuntu flavored) a few times. These times I was not impressed with the software. Although the software is free, its capabilities are limited by its lack of funding and user base (There is a dearth of features). By all means Linux operating system such as Ubuntu “get the job done”, but on so many levels they are lacking. First off, the user interface looks horrible and like it was designed over a decade ago. Second off, Linux’s programs such as Openoffice are generally decent for typing, but they seem to be too simplistic, too old-fashioned, or barely comparable what is in OS X and Windows today.

      Finally, there is the installation, which should be an easy process is buggy at best from my experiences. Both I and my roommate had trouble installing the operating system and after working on it for about an hour we were quite disappointed with the end user experience. Its not that Linux is useless, its just that its disappointing after so much talk about it (There was enough good news that my roommate and I independently installed the software). The end user experience is just disappointing, buggy, and lacks the features that are either standard on Windows/ OS X or easily supplemented by free software on either system. This is why I hate Linux: so much hype and poor delivery.

-Hunt Henning

Janurary 23, 2009


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