2009 Blog Resolutions


I should have though about it earlier, but I have finally come up with some New Year resolutions for my blog this year. I’ve complied a list of what I’ve decided on:

1. Make is look better: I want to find just the right theme for me. I want it informative, easily navigable, but pretty to look at. After I finally find the right theme I intend to customize it enough so it isn’t “Just another wordpress blog”, but with enough taste that people don’t want to throw up after looking at the color scheme. 

2. Blog more often: I want to blog much more often, probably about once a week, but no less than one every week and thee days. 

3. Link in the rest of my social networks: Flickr, Friendfeed, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, Digg, Pandora, Wakoopa, etc. I want people to be able to see what I’m up to and add me as a friend if they are parts of any of these various social networks. My philosophy is  “The More, the Merrier”. 

4. Be more prolific: Try not to blog about my cat, how cold my coffee was, or how I can’t stand this teacher. Twitter is for the mundane things in life and I think my blog should be a little more exciting. 

5. Spelling and Grammar: Try to better with my grammar and search more for spelling mistakes.

-Hobie Henning

January 25, 2009


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