I had a first today: first time I overslept and missed a class. Yeah, I definitely woke up an hour and an half late and completely missed the class. I still feel like an idiot even though everyone says it’s okay. I literally raced to get ready after I woke up and ran as fast as I could to the business department to apologize to my professor. On a brighter note though the only thing we did was review our tests. I intend to ever let this happen again. I’m going to have to give my roommate my schedule so he can help out too because I just about emotionally died today.



One thought on “Overslept

  1. “Hour and an hour” should definitely be “Hour and a/an half”


    “I intend to ever let this happen…” should probably have the word NEVER replace EVER.

    But it’s good to see you didn’t blame me for this, and that everything is OK [because it is]. 🙂

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