I think I may be moving my personal blog back to this WordPress blog. I love iWeb 08, but the URL is too hard for my friends and family to remember. As the title of this post implies this summer I have been very busy, probably more so than during the school year. I thought summer would bring money from work and also  some rest. Unfortunately the latter seems to be in short supply and I have concluded I am a workaholic. I guess this is a part of growing up and my own ambitions with the website that I’m currently running right now. Between the two and my poor social life I get by. I don’t really know why I”m writing this post, but I just feel like rambling tonight a little. I sit here on my coach pretty exhausted waiting for my latest podcast episode to upload. As I did this I decided to watch the end of the Matrix and at the end something Agent Smith said caught my attention.

For those who don’t know Agent Smith talks to a character named Morpheus during his interrogation. They talk about classifying animals and humans. Smith says that when the computers were attempting to classify all the animals they came across only one animal that they had trouble with: humans. Smith declares humans are officially mammals, but he believes that they are more like viruses. He claims that where most animals adapt to their nature environment humans consume the natural resources around them until they are exhausted and then move on to a new place.

I personally disagree with this philosophy, but I thought it be an interesting conclusion of a disillusioned soul.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Huh, I can see where that philosophy came from. Really I think that humans are so multi-functional that you could fit their personalities/habits/abilities into any sort of category. So, in a way, Smith is right if you look at if from solely that point of view. But since humans have so much more to them I think it’s impossible to place them in any other category besides “human”. There really isn’t any other being on earth that compares to human, so we are our own category.

    Smith basically only looked at one type of human characteristic and shoved humans into a certain category which seems wrong to most people. Smith sounds a bit narrow-minded to me but also appears to have a good thinking process at the same time. That’s just my opinion though.

  2. I have a feeling that I would over-think this whole thing, but I’m feeling like the dude was right when he said that we just kind of consume the resources around us and then move on. In a literal sense, rewind a few centuries, and you had people migrating here and there [both natives and newcomers] because they needed better resources after they depleted the old ones.

    At the same time, though, we do adapt to our environment, and it turns into us designing different styles of clothing, different types of shelter, heating units, cooling units, pipelines that carry water to places that need it [or digging wells, or shipping bottled water in]. Our style of adaptation is different, but it’s still adaptation, so we are still definitely like animals in that sense.

    Then you throw in our supposedly superior level of intelligence, and our “needs and wants”, our more advanced emotions, and all that good stuff that no other animals have [to such a great capacity], and we suddenly become this thing that isn’t easily classified with other animals, but not really a virus or anything like that. We’re just…humans. Poor, confused, bio-machines that “control” the Earth like no other living, walking, physical being.

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